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History - against all odds

The beginning
of the "Hotel zum Türken" goes back to the year 1630. In 1911 the laying of the foundation stone of the current building took place. In 1933 the hotel was seized by the Nazis, not only the hotel but the whole Obersalzberg.

On April 25th 1945
the Obersalzberg-Area was heavily bombed and almost completely destroyed. After the unconditional surrender of the 3rd Reich, there were plans of face grinding all the building on the Obersalzberg.

In the end
of 1945 the mother of the current owner, Mrs. Scharfenberg, re seize the hotel with the toleration of the occupying forces. After the formation of the Federal Republic of Germany she re bought the building from the State of Bavaria. She started with four rooms and she successfully re build the hotel till 1958.

Since 1958
the Hotel "Zum Türken" exists in its present form and still is being managed by the previous family, now in 4th generation.

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